Appointment Information

We take two appointments per hour, but walk-ins are also welcome. We have between four and eight consultants available each hour to meet with clients.

Make an Appointment

The UWC uses WCOnline to schedule appointments. For help registering and making an appointment, click here or watch this short video. If you'd like to work with a specific consultant, please note that on your appointment form.

  • NOTE: High school students must contact Amy Hansen Smith ( before scheduling an appointment. 

Online Appointments

For information about scheduling an online appointment with a consultant, click here.

Missed Appointments

If you know you will miss your appointment, we'd appreciate a call or email so we can cancel it.  An appointment is considered missed at 10 minutes after the hour. You will be notified of all missed appointments via email.Three missed appointments in a semester will result in a suspension of UWC appointment privileges for the remainder of that semester. You will still be allowed to have sessions as a walk-in client.


When the university closes or cancels classes, the writing center closes, too.