Reading Out Loud
Jun 16, 2020

by C. Townsend Let’s talk about reading your writing out loud. Here in the writing center, reading out loud is standard practice. It is also st...

Distraction and Writing: COVID edition
Jun 2, 2020

by Raven WalkerLately I have been feeling more distracted in general. Perhaps I could attribute my distractions to the looming exam week that faces us...

Open sign

Online Resources
Apr 13, 2020

by Dannil Mele Times are troubling, and the quarantine shows no signs of lifting soon. Students and professors alike are struggling with the tran...

Brainless Tales cartoon

A Matter of Words
Apr 9, 2020

by SZ  Over the past few weeks, I’ve watched academics on Twitter bemoan their choice to study something that “really doesn’t matter r...

I Heart Revision

Quit Conflating Revision and Editing!
Mar 2, 2020

by C. Townsend I teach portfolio courses, and in the Writing Center, I often work with students who are taking portfolio courses. A portfolio cou...

APA 7 Manual Cover

New Changes in APA Documentation
Feb 24, 2020

by Mary Neal Meador It’s never going to be the simplest or most comprehensible documentation system, but the 7th edition of the Publication Man...

Mindfulness and Self-Reflection in the Writing Center

Mindfulness and Self-Reflection in the Writing Center
Feb 17, 2020

As part of our professional staff development, writing center tutors work in groups over the course of each year to study a topic relevant to writing ...

The Pensieve

The Pensieve
Nov 26, 2019

by C. Townsend As a writing teacher, I often feel that all the writing I do these days is school related, and as the years have passed by, I have...

Our U.W.C. Lets You B.S.U.R.

Our U.W.C. Lets You B.S.U.R.
Oct 22, 2019

by Rahn Adams I’ve been a decent writer all my life, but the University Writing Center is still my happy place—and not because I work there.&...


Mar 22, 2019

by David Healy Why put off till tomorrow what you can put off till next week?  Or, better yet, why put off till tomorrow what you can make s...