How About a Love Letter?

By Darius McClain

It’s almost that time of year again, where the love of your life (or a little less than, depending on your situation) is persuaded by Valentine’s Day’s alluring nature to get you that one thing you’ve wanted in an attempt to demonstrate their overwhelming affection for you. It takes a decent amount of thought to plan out what you’re going to do for them, especially when you don’t know what to get them….

A good puppy readingEnter A FEW DECADES AGO!!!!! When the internet was nonexistent, and love wasn’t based on the number of things you bought or how big they were, people actually put some serious thought and effort into their Valentine’s Day gifts. A perfect example of this type of gift is the almighty Love Letter! Yes, I have written a few in my short lifetime, and they have proven to be far more effective than any material thing I could have possibly purchased for the ones I care about. (Sisters are included in my Valentines list because who’s going to love them like I do!) The epitome of true love at the center of all your favorite films and romance novels, a “simple” love letter shows your significant other that you have poetically and affectionately personified your relationship, rather than purchased some item intended to have the same effect.

Your deepest thoughts, fears, intuitions, hopes, and dreams for the person you’re with, expressed in the most romantic art form (subjectively) known to humans, is all that is necessary to make that special person smile wider than you’ve ever seen. I encourage anyone with that special someone, be it a lover, a family member, or even your pet that can read for some reason, to sit down and forget about work for about an hour. Instead, make that person feel like your priority. Tell them how much you appreciate the things they do (big and small). Tell them of your future goals and how you want to help them reach theirs as well, and simply tell them how much you love them, because nothing says “I love you” like a love letter.