Working with ESL Writers

At the UWC, our consultants understand the needs of ELL (English Language Learners) students and are happy to help solve any issues caused by language barriers. Consultants will customize their methods based on each student's specific cultural background.

We will casually focus on each student's specific circumstances and experiences in writing in English. During sessions, consultants will determine the specific goals of each student and help them improve their English language usage. Consultants will also discuss the expectations for writing in academic setting and will teach students about the general rules of English. Most importantly, this will teach students how to begin to edit their own papers.

ELL students may set up regular appointments with the UWC. Setting up regular sessions can help ELL students understand the entire process of writing in an English academic setting. Having help from the beginning to the end of an assignment can make it easier for ELL students to understand how to approach future assignments as well.