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Online Writing Center Publications

  • The Dangling Modifier, Penn State Univeristy
    Online journal, which accepts articles from peer consultants, that explore issues in writing center work.

  • Kairos, Douglas Eyman and Lames A. Inman, Co-editors
    Online journal that accepts papers and articles which address rhetorical, pedagogical, or compositional issues.

Writing Center Journals

  • Writing Center Journal, Neal Lerner and Beth Boquet, Co-editors
    Journal published twice a year that accepts articles and papers concerned with writing center issues.

  • The Writing Lab Newsletter, Muriel Harris, Editor
    Published by The RiCH Company, LLC
    Newsletter published monthly from September to June that accepts essays and articles from consultants and directors that explore writing center concerns. Articles focus on tutoring theory and methodology, handling ELL issues, writing center management, training tutors, and using tutorial theory and pedagogy. In addition, it contains conference announcements, book reviews, professional news, and a column by and for tutors.

  • Southern Discourse, Christine S. Cozzens, Editor
    Journal published three times a year that asks for articles, essays, and columns dealing with writing center concerns. For information, email the

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